Soundceutical™ Water Soluble Tolling Program

Turn Your Hemp Crude, Distillate, or Isolate Into The Most In-Demand Cannabis Derivative By Beverage and Cosmetic Companies With The Soundceutical™ Water Soluble Tolling Program

The buckets of hemp extract you’re sitting on are depreciating in value by the day. And with hundreds of hemp processors offering the same crude oil, the only choice clients have is to deal with the lowest bidder. 

Stop selling your extract at a loss. Differentiate your offerings from your competition. And let Appa toll your crude oil into the newest and most sought after ingredient by beverage and skincare products in 2020 – a Water Soluble extract with an 80% phytocannabinoid bioavailability. 

Powered by our Soundceutical™ water soluble technology, you’ll be able to move your extracts faster despite the saturated market. While offering it at a price that hemp brokers can never compete with. 

  • Start moving your hemp derivatives by the truckload to big brands who want to infuse their existing product line in as little as 2 months
  • Stop dealing with brokers and middle-men
  • Offer your clients water soluble cannabinoids with 12 months shelf stability
  • Get exclusive access and discounts to our private and white label programs