Appa Fast Track™ CBD White Label Program

What is the Appa Fast Track™ CBD White Label program?

You want to validate your business ideas. But you don’t want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars ordering 500 units (standard M.O.Q. for most White Labelers) of CBD tinctures to do so – only to find out that your customers don’t even want your products.

Either that or finding out midway through your CBD business journey that your CBD White Label partner is inconsistent with their turnaround time (will mess with your schedule for sure) or worse… that their CBD products are inconsistent too. These are all too common problems that arise when dealing with White Labelers that outsource their products from several supply chains i.e. different manufacturers, processors, hemp farms, distributors, etc.

All you want is to get started. You want to be able to sell CBD products that are so good you can trust your own family to use them (without breaking the bank). Let’s help you do just that.


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The Appa Fast Track™️ CBD White Label program allows you to order a M.O.Q. of 25 products per SKU with a turnaround time of 10 business days. Our science department has formulated 4 unique formulas that employ essential oils and terpenes to supercharge the effectiveness of our subcritical CO2 extracted oil. Each formula is purposely made for anxiety, sleep, and sinus management, including our best-selling formula “Energy/Focus” as well as our basic tinctures made with just MCT Oil and CBD, offered in various CBD concentrations. We also recently added our award-winning Nutrasomal™ Nano-Liposomal Water Soluble CBD formulation (designed for superior bioavailabilty) to the Fast Track™ White Label Program. Each of our formulations were painstakingly formulated, tried and tested by our in-house team of scientists, Dr. Todd Griffin, Ethan Berney, and Ashley Neill.

This program is designed for you to validate your business ideas quickly, with the least amount of resources and virtually risk-free with our No Questions Asked Full Money-Back Guarantee. You’ll also get a free label template for your tinctures that complies with the industry’s best practices. Simply paste your brand logo and you can start right away. Plus you’ll receive free label design services on orders of 50 units or more.