Water Soluble Formulations Made Specifically For Your Application

Whether you sell beverages, edibles, or cosmetics, our water soluble Soundceuticals™ will blend perfectly without color, taste, or smell changes to your products. We engineer our water soluble formulations specific to your application, so you can rest easy that our formulas will be compatible and bioavailable.

Show your buyers a whole new way of experiencing CBD. 

  • Clean Label water soluble formulations for beverages, edibles, and cosmetics
  • Guaranteed shelf stability even in acidic beverages like Kombucha
  • More than 10x bioavailability than leading oil-based extracts
  • Concentration options ranging from 10mg to 100mg per mL
  • CBD, CBG, and CBN formulations available

Why Choose Appa Extracts?

You probably feel like a cryptographer sifting through questionable COAs. You have started ignoring phone calls because hemp brokers won’t stop calling you about their “endless supply” of “premium grade” CBD oil. You’re not sure if that last “application” you filled out was even legitimate or merely a scam to sell your personal information. Your head is spinning as you sort through banking issues, payment processing issues, and supply chain fiascos.

This is not how you imagined it. You just wanted to launch your brand, but now you feel like you are stuck in a game of whack-a-mole. Been there. Done that.

Now let us help you. Here are 8 ways how:

Water Soluble CBD Private & White Label Manufacturer

Appa Extracts manufactures Water Soluble CBD products. And provides full private and white label services. From manufacturing logistics to your web design needs, Appa Extracts has got you covered.

We also offer full-service supply chain solutions. Including R&D, product innovation, sourcing, and other business support. So you can quickly scale your offerings and simplify your workflow.

We’ll handle the backend so you can get back to focusing on what you do best – selling exclusive cannabis products and growing your business.

  • Free product formulation, supply chain, and marketing consultation
  • Get insider info from us and our family of companies
  • Access to our proprietary and award-winning formulations
  • Start with a M.O.Q. of 25 units or scale with 10,000 units
  • Industry-leading compliance

Appa Fast Track™ CBD White Label Program

We’ll help you launch your CBD brand quickly with a low
M.O.Q. and make you stand out from your competition with
subcritical CO2 extracted CBD products derived from
Appa Extracts’ proprietary Carolina Sweet Crude™

  • 25 Products M.O.Q + Free Label Template
  • Free Label Design Services On Orders Above 50
  • Turnaround Time Of 10 Business Days
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Why Go With Subcritical CO2 Extracted CBD Products?

You’ve determined CO₂ is the best extraction method. However, there’s more than one way to extract using CO₂. We’ve chosen to go subcritical. A process that keeps the Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Flavonoids intact in a way that supercritical CO₂ extraction can only dream of, and make your customers asking you for more. We’ll let the unique “Earthy” aroma and “spicy” taste that comes from this method speak for itself.

Set Yourself Apart From Your Competition With Our Unique Blends

Our unique formulas employ essential oils and terpenes to supercharge the effectiveness of our subcritical CO2 extracted oil. Each formula is purposely made for anxiety, sleep, and sinus management, including our best-selling formula, “Energy/Focus” as well as our basic tinctures made with just MCT Oil and CBD, offered in various CBD concentrations.

How It Works

We’re committed to making these steps safe, quick and easy for you with a 25 unit M.O.Q (100% money-back guarantee),10-day turnaround time, and free label designs on orders over 50 units.

Pick Your Products

Choose from our 4 unique blends (full spectrum or broad spectrum) and pick your level of CBD concentration

Free Label Design

Get your design ideas for your brand printed on your products. Or have our team of world-class designers create one for you

Start Selling Your Brand

Receive your
personalized CBD line in 10 business days

Try Before You Buy

You don’t really want us talking about “How good our products are…” now do you? You want to test them for yourself. Click the link to schedule a call and find out why Subcritical CO2 extracted CBD and Water Soluble are the only ways to go.